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Over the last 20 years our physicians have been studying the effects of wrongful lifestyle choices we are continually making as a nation. Throughout our years of research and patient care we have developed a clinical system that helps create a positive impact on metabolism, naturally effective techniques for aches and pains, weight management, and overall lifestyle performance. We have been training a team of physicians and healthcare professionals that look at health from a more holistic perspective. Even though the body is intricately connected, creating a healthier living plan includes making powerful new decisions. These decisions can yield powerful results.

Our clinic, The Center for Lifestyle Medicine®, has three primary locations to serve your health and wellness goals. Our clinics are located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia, the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and in sunny Miami Beach, Florida. We also have launched our On Demand Digital Clinic whereby we can empower your health care needs globally via our digital clinic platform using your computer to have a real face-to-face visit with our Lifestyle Medicine Specialists.

Our team of Lifestyle Medicine Specialists are building these clinical centers of excellence designed to help people thrive in their health. With consistent evidence-based practice and ongoing research, our lifestyle specialists have been working to create natural wellness systems to take you toward next level living. We are designing new health and lifestyle clinical platforms that will allow you to thrive if you are willing to do the work. Twenty percent of health is knowing what to do, and the other eighty percent is behavior. It is this behavior that creates the positive transformation that leads to a better health and overall lifestyle. We help you create new lasting habits that help you take charge of your health and well-being.

Our goal is to help people attain the life they deserve. At the Center for Lifestyle Medicine, we follow a specific protocol developed by over twenty years of research and development. Instead of just dealing with symptoms, we are in constant pursuit of the underlying cause. We then help you create a new game plan that is relevant to your health.

Health is complex yet very simple. We look at each person differently. What one person’s health challenge struggle may be completely different in someone else. We call this biochemical individuality. Our approach is designed to be comprehensive to understand the overall metabolism, how well all systems are working, and then creating lifestyle-based solutions and a blueprint for healthier living. Our lifestyle today is multi-faceted and requires that we look at our daily choices carefully. Eight-five percent of the root cause of many health challenges today come from an imbalanced lifestyle.

Our health care professional team has created 3 key areas that are to be evaluated in our common-sense, yet clinical lifestyle system: Mental Wellness (which includes the way we think, self-talk, relationships, and our brain chemicals), Nutritional Wellness (nutritional deficiencies, eating habits, and how it impacts our body at the cellular level), and Physical Wellness (importance of exercise, our muscles, bones, and nerves, and meridian points). All three areas must be balanced for you to experience the type of optimal healthy living that we are looking for. At the Center for Lifestyle Medicine we are constantly researching better ways for you to live a healthier life.

Our hope is to equip you. Your life can be full of the vibrant health that you have been searching for. We can provide the insights and the tools, but ultimately, you have to take responsibility for your health. We are here to support you and take you by the hand to lead you toward your lifestyle goals. The choices we make today will determine the way our health is tomorrow. Our lifestyle choices - matter.

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